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Equipo gestor

Our accomplished management team possesses a wealth of expertise in private equity investments within the renewable energy sector, boasting a collective track record dating back to 2006. Our experience spans diverse funds in Spain, Luxembourg, and the UK, with investments exceeding €3 billion in value. 

Our team’s cumulative experience encompasses over 20 gigawatts throughout the entire value chain of renewable energy projects, including procurement, project design, investment, construction, financing, meticulous operational oversight, and successful divestment.

Investment Philosophy

MedRen is your trusted source for consistent income in an ever-growing global arena: the alternative energy generation market.

We specialize in investing in unlisted, established assets utilising proven technologies to generate renewable power. Leveraging our profound knowledge of the renewable energy sector, we foster productive collaborations with our stakeholders, allowing us to maximize the long-term value of our investments.

Our commitment to long-term value ensures that we deliver balanced, predictable returns while mitigating risks, providing you with a secure and sustainable investment opportunity.

Desarrollador de energía en Europa


MedRen employs a methodical and rigorously disciplined approach when it comes to selecting investments.

Our investment strategy adheres to a meticulous four-stage process: Screening, Due Diligence, Valuation and Structuring, and ultimately, Investment.

This approach ensures that we exclusively invest in projects being developed by reputable companies, with established and verifiable income streams, along with sound operational cost structures. For projects in the construction phase, we insist on a secure, underwritten procurement path.

Our asset management philosophy is proactive and hands-on, marked by regular assessments against both contractual and ambitious performance benchmarks. Our unwavering commitment to transparency provides investors with the peace of mind that there will be no unexpected surprises.

Empresas energéticas